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stink n : a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant [syn: malodor, malodour, stench, reek, fetor, foetor, mephitis]


1 be extremely bad in quality or in one's performance; "This term paper stinks!"
2 smell badly and offensively; "The building reeks of smoke" [syn: reek] [also: stunk, stank]

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  • , /stɪŋk/, /stINk/
  • Rhymes: -ɪŋk


Old English stincan


  1. To have a strong bad smell.
  2. (informal) To be greatly inferior; to perform badly.
    That movie stinks. I didn't even stay for the end.
  3. To give an impression of dishonesty or untruth.
    Something stinks about the politician's excuses.


have a strong bad smell
  • Crimean Tatar: sasımaq
  • Czech: smrdět
  • Dutch: stinken
  • Finnish: haista
  • French: puer
  • German: stinken
  • Hawaiian: hauna
  • Italian: puzzare
  • Japanese: 臭う, 悪臭を放つ
  • Portuguese: feder
  • Russian: вонять (von'át')
  • Swedish: stinka
informal: be greatly inferior
  • Finnish: haista
  • German: stinken
  • Japanese: くだらない
  • Swedish: vara urusel
give an impression of dishonesty or untruth
  • Dutch: stinken
  • Finnish: haista
  • German: stinken
  • Japanese: 臭い
  • Swedish: stinka


  1. A strong bad smell.
  2. A complaint or objection.
    If you don't make a stink about the problem, nothing will be done.
  3. (in plural stinks; slang) Chemistry (as a subject taught in school)
  4. (New Zeland) A failure or unfortunate event.
    The concert was stink.


strong bad smell
  • Crimean Tatar: sasıq
  • Czech: smrad
  • Dutch: stank
  • Finnish: löyhkä, haju
  • French: puanteur , mauvaise odeur
  • German: Gestank
  • Italian: puzza
  • Japanese: 悪臭
  • Portuguese: fedor
  • Russian: вонь
  • Spanish: tufo
  • Swedish: stank
informal: complaint or objection
slang: chemistry

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  1. imperative of stinka

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BO, bad breath, bad smell, be aromatic, be redolent of, body odor, breathe, emit a smell, exhale, fetidity, fetidness, fetor, foul breath, foul odor, frowst, funk, graveolence, halitosis, malodor, mephitis, miasma, nidor, noxious stench, offend the nostrils, offensive odor, reek, reeking, rotten smell, smell, smell bad, smell of, smell to heaven, smell up, stench, stench of decay, stink out, stink up, suck, yield an odor
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